1 year ago

Where to go ? Laravel or .NET core 2

Posted 1 year ago by naczu

Actually I am interested with php development for many years. And I like laravel and it's syntax. I am not expert but I can handle small projects with php and laravel. But Now it's time to go with large scale projects and time to be integrated with developer teams. Lots of companies looking for .net core developer. And it is really performant. I saw this on microsoft's page

I know the reason of this benchmark result is not laravel. it is PHP.

Will PHP and laravel be dead for web development in the future ?

PHP is only for backend server side scripting. There are some GUI implements but they are not supported I think. Java or C# can be used for many things such as desktop apps, mobile apps. PHP has many packages and libraries for web. This is absolutely very nice advantage for PHP developers. Facebook, Yahoo, Wordpress used PHP. I heard that now wordpress will change it's tech. They think to use javascript for backend. There is a small piece of PHP on backend of facebook. There are many articles that written now its time to go with C# and .net core. Because it is open source and supports cross platform. C# is very strong language and Async.

What are PHP and Laravel advantages over C# and .net core ?

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