When starting a new project with multiple components like website, admin panel, API, subscriber panel etc. how do you structure it?

Posted 1 year ago by Ruffles

Hey there,

I am starting a new project and I am wondering if thinking about scalability is a good idea at the beginning when I have no idea about any stats.

So my question is:

When starting a new project which has multiple components like Website, Admin panel, Subscriber panel, API, iOS app, Android app and maybe a few more, do you:

  • Build them all as one Laravel application
  • Build an API in Laravel / Lumen and use front end frameworks like VueJS / Angular / AngularJS / React
  • Build each component in a different Laravel application, so you end up with like 4, 5 or maybe more Laravel applications which most of them will share the same features and / or models

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