What's reason of this error?

Posted 10 months ago by alihoushyaripour

I can't describe my problem well, so take a photo:


This error happen for a route and in every 5 times that I refresh browser, in 4 times this error occur and in 1 time response get backed successfully...

Has anyone ever encountered this problem?!

Notic: I used elasticsearch in controller, I test services and repositories work well and I think error occurred in response resource collection.

Controller class:

public function place(PlaceRequest $request)
    // validator
    $request = $request->validated();

    // parameters
    $result = (new MyElastic())->search($request);

    // resource
    $places = PlaceResource::collection($result->places);

    // log

    // result
    return response()->json($places, 200);

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