What program does Jeffrey way use to record the screencasts?

Published 11 months ago by malhayek

I wrote a package for Laravel. I have been trying to create a video with audio to show people how to use it. However I have been running into one problem after another.

I tried OBS studio which keep crashing. I tried CamStudio which after I recorded everything it couldn't save the file. Then I tried AVS Video Editor which seems to be good, but after I finish recording the sound is very bad and the text on the video isn't readable.

Since my package is free, I don't really want to spend money on a software that I would use few times.

Any idea on what software Jeff use to record hist videos? any idea on a software that would help me to create this tutorial?


I might be imagining it but at one point I think he said he uses Screenflow which I've used before. It isn't free, but Quicktime on a Mac has built in screen recording.


What about Windows users? any ideas


Yes, @sutherland is right. He is using Screenflow.

In 2012, Jeffrey made a series about how to make a professional screencast. You make watch that to get the idea that, how he make it.



Jeffrey uses Screenflow I believe. For Windows, most people use Camtasia.


I've used the screen recorder from Icecream Apps (on Windows) and it's worked well! Free version is capped @ 5 minutes but paid version ($30) is unlimited.



Thanks all for your help. I ended up using ActivePresenter an awesome free tool https://atomisystems.com/activepresenter/

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