What phpStorm config is the author using in the "Let's Build a Forum" series?

Posted 9 months ago by ZacharyDuBois

I am wondering what config for phpStorm the host is using in the "Let's Build a Forum" series because phpStorm's inspector isn't screaming with a new Laravel project. When I make a new project with phpStorm 2018.2 and Laravel 5.7, it screams about all of the Eloquent magic methods, all class aliases not being defined, etc. Even using the barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper package to generate the IDE and Meta helper files and enabling the Laravel IDE Plugin doesn't seem to fix the issue. I am fairly new to Laravel and I love how easy it makes everything but I'd like to use my preferred IDE and have autocompletion and code inspection working properly. If anyone has any tips for getting this to work, let me know!

A small nit-picky thing I have too: Is there any way to disable Laravel Valet being the first break in Xdebug with phpStorm?

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