3 years ago

What made you choose PHP as a server side language?

Posted 3 years ago by endian

I started doing web back in the day when PHP was the only real server side language for the job. Now we have many choices - Ruby, Python, Go, Scala, Javascript (Node.js), PHP, etc...

I still use PHP daily. For money, I support sites on systems like Wordpress, Joomla, etc... PHP 7 is tasty in terms of speed, and it's nice that PHP can be easily deployed on cheap servers.

However, I started using Python for some sites. Using the Flask micro-framework. It's nice to use a cleaner language. I'm also tempted to look into Go and Scala. The idea that the libraries I create can be used for other applications than web is attractive (PHP stuff is mostly web only).

Do you guys use other languages than PHP? Why or why not? What parts of PHP do you love, or hate?

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