4 months ago

What is your process when starting to work on a project?

Posted 4 months ago by talelmishali

Hello to all, I am new to the Laracasts community and love it so far!

Wanted to get others way to initiate a project with a client or even just a private one. Do you develop on a local machine? Do you develop on dedicated development server? Do you use GitHub at all during your project?

In general, what is your timeline from a moment you start to work on a project to the time you deliver it?

I am asking it mostly as I am trying to find a solution for myself, mostly doing private projects or to close family and friends, I am working from two different machines (Mac and Windows) and trying to keep all sync as much as I can when working from two different machines. So far with small projects, I manage to do it on a live server and syncing locally and save it on an iCloud folder which syncing to both machines. Trying to find a more professional way to work, happy to hear from you!

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