What happened to Laravel?

Posted 4 years ago by OpticNectar

I just wanted to see if i'm the only one that thinks Laravel 5 is a mess. Some quick thoughts:

App Structure Is Messy: App structure makes no sense now. Why are your view templates, which are app specific, outside of the app folder? Why don't models have a folder anymore (they are kind of important)?

Why are HTML and Form facades removed, yet auth is added in? I feel like HTML and Form facades are used way more then auth is or at the very least the same amount. I'm all for shrinking the code base, but not by taking things out that most people use.

Why are generators still awful? Way/Generators should be built in since anyone and everyone uses them. Look at how Rails does generators, that's how it should be done. I should be able to pass in table values and have the migration generated automatically with the fields I passed. Also, scaffolding should be an option since most people are going to use basic restful routes and views etc and if not, they can just not use scaffolding or delete them. Way/Generators doesn't work in 5 btw.

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