4 years ago

What are the best Specs for Laravel Development?

Posted 4 years ago by LoveAndHappiness

Hi guys,

I am considering buying a new laptop this week and want to invest in a machine that will make me happy.

I am a disappointed windows user, and think about switching to Apple, because design matters to me.

In the Laravel IRC channel, it was suggested that the MacBook might be an excellent choice, not sure if the new or the old one, yet I hear that the performance of the new MacBook is even lower than that of the Air, making me think if it can even handle multiple vm's and maybe mamp working alongside.

Could you please provide me info on the following questions:

  1. What Specs you currently have,
  2. How happy you are with it and if not, why it sucks
  3. How much you did invest
  4. What machine would you like to have

The requirements are usual Web Development with VM's and whatever we see Jeffrey doing on his screencasts. I want a machine that makes you happy to open it and taking it everywhere.

Thanks a lot.

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