3 years ago

Warranty period for websites

Posted 3 years ago by TheNephilim

Let's assume the following about our clients:

  • These are small business customers, that simply need an informative business website.
  • These customers use general bulk type hosting, costing ~ € 50 per year.
  • These customers are not interested in a maintenance contract, costing ~ € 15 per month.

For the most part, that's the kind clients we're developing websites for. We've also got bigger clients, but that's not what this question is about.

Question: After developing, testing, previewing the website launches; whats the warranty period for the website? One month, three months, or more like a year?


  • Public CDN you've been using stops serving certain file after x period.
  • Feature x stopped working, but you haven't touched the code for x period.
  • Service x deprecates an API the website uses.
  • ..?

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