3 months ago

Vue.js components inside a FORM possible?

Posted 3 months ago by Triumfator

Is it possible for me to incorporate Vue components with CRUD functionality inside another crud form?

Let's say I have a form that handles customer order info for an e-commerce application. Order info is stored in orders table and it includes shipping address info and amounts paid.

Inside that form I want to have a vue component that will fetch order items stored in orderitems table and that component will have functionality to add/delete ordered items, update quantities and prices.

Since vue component will have form tags to handle crud functions, can it be located within the form that is responsible for editing the order information? If i'm not mistaken with HTML you aren't supposed to have one form inside another form, so how would I do this? Do I have to use vue component only to display order items and handle crud operations via modal pop up?

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