4 months ago

Vimeo - You have been temporarily blocked

Posted 4 months ago by rouge847

Is anyone experiencing same issue with Vimeo? Vimeo is blocked in my country, but I have been able to watch it through VPN. This just start suddenly out of nowhere today. If I go directly to, I got following message:

Pardon the inconvenience, but our servers have detected a high number of errors from your connection. To continue, please verify that you are a human:

There is a google recaptcha checkbox and when I checked them, then it shows this message:

Thank you! One moment... You have been unblocked, but it can take up to a minute for our servers to update and let you back in. This page will forward you along automatically soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

But it just stuck there, and when I check my network tab, it shows multiple 403 error from get requests to

From googling around, it seems the exact same thing happened to someone else back in 2013 and it only got resolved by contacting Vimeo directly from twitter..

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