3 years ago

Vimeo for Business

Posted 3 years ago by garethdaine

Hey Folks,

I'm currently building an LMS and I'd like to get some feedback on the use of Vimeo Business to host and manage the videos, and whether it is a suitable service for our needs.

In the system, tutors, admins, and B2B customers will be able to create courses and for each section of the course, they will be able to upload video.

Does the Vimeo API handle this sort of thing and will it allow restrictions on the videos based on whether someone has purchased that specific course?

It will be similar to Laracasts in that the video is behind a subscription/payment, but all videos won't be accessible once you have an account, you'll purchase courses individually and all videos attached to that course will be available. This is probably handled in the code itself, but just wanted some opinions on whether Vimeo is a good fit.

Also, does the API allow management of videos etc like this? Would I be able to allow our software to allow users to upload video from the dashboard of our app to Vimeo?

Would appreciate your thoughts as well @JeffreyWay. Thanks.

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