7 months ago

view my valet sites on my iphone without valet share

Posted 7 months ago by AhmadKarim

Hello, is it possible to view my valet sites on my iPhone? (on the same network of course) I know I can use valet share which will assign me a ngrok.io URL which I dont want. All I want is to share a site i.e, laravel5.test or wordpress.test which exists on my computer and when I open that URL in my iPhone or any device that is on the same local network/router it opens the site. Just like it works on VLC or Infuse for iPhone. If I want to add media to my phone on VLC it gives me a URL http://iphone.local

I am not sure how valid this question is and if it is possible. But I was thinking if this works for VLC or Infuse or any app like that why can't it be the same for valet site? Thanks!

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