Video player, upload and hosting

Posted 4 years ago by alex_time

My company asked me to create an app to publish videos that must be seen by employees, so I basically have to:

  1. create an upload video system (I will not be the only one to upload video otherwise I could simply use ftp or sftp and do things manually, but for others I should create a simple web interface);
  2. track down users so to be sure that everyone has seen the entire videos that they have to;
  3. does not allow users to see videos that they cannot see.

Now I have some doubts:

  1. upload without flash means I have to raise up values on php.ini, but is it safe to put those level so high? And even if I get more RAM on server, does exist a system to track upload progress on laravel? I have written long time ago a system to track upload progress using PHP Session upload progress, maybe I can use the same approach, or L5 offers something better or out of the box?
  2. I think I can do ajax request during playback to log what the user have seen, do you have better suggestion?
  3. will be better to leave videos on an external provider or upload everything on our own server? Using our own server is it possibile (how?) to create temporary link to the videos and lock only that user on that session to access that temporary link and see that specific video? If I create a dynamic link stored in a table with an expirations system, in this case that link will be available for everyone I guess, how would you solve that?

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