5 years ago

Updating Homestead

Posted 5 years ago by Mattiman

After halting my Homestead this morning, I tried starting it again by running $ homestead up. The following message was shown:

==> default: Checking if box 'laravel/homestead' is up to date...
==> default: A newer version of the box 'laravel/homestead' is available! You currently
==> default: have version '0.2.0'. The latest is version '0.2.2'. Run
==> default: `vagrant box update` to update.

But running that returns:

$ vagrant box update
A Vagrant environment or target machine is required to run this
command. Run `vagrant init` to create a new Vagrant environment. Or,
get an ID of a target machine from `vagrant global-status` to run
this command on. A final option is to change to a directory with a
Vagrantfile and to try again.

But I have a vagrant environment running, within Homestead. So how do I update the Homestead?

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