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Posted 1 week ago by Bastos

Hello there, I'll need your help because when I display an image that I upload, it show a white square. I have a form that I use for a profil picture, It's working, I can upload the picture, BUT it show me a white square instead of the photo. That's html code :

                <img src="{{Auth::user()->images}}"/>
                <p>{{Auth::user()->firstName}} {{Auth::user()->lastName}}</p>
                <a href="{{ url('/my_account') }}">Mon compte</a> | <a href="{{ url('/logout') }}">Se déconnecter</a>

And that's my ProfilePictureController.php


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use App\User;
use Auth;

class ProfilePictureController extends Controller
    public function update(Request $request)
        $request = $request->All();

            User::where('id', Auth::user()->id)
                        'image' => $request['image']]
            return redirect()->to('/')->with(['image-changed' => 'Photo de profil modifiée !']);


I don't know if my question was clear but ask if you need more informations. Thank you.

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