UML Class diagram for laravel project

Published 11 months ago by ljanneh

I'm trying to design a UML class diagram for my project which is build on laravel. How do I design a class diagram for a Laravel project? please I need guidance because I'm coming to work on a bigger project in laravel 5.4. is the sample class diagram on task management system.


Not sure if this will do all you need, but you might want to check out


Thanks @mikefolsom for your respond. I'm not trying to build a database schema of my application.

I am working on a project at the college which required me to have a class diagram of my codes. I don't know to achieve this on Laravel. Please I need assistance.


Why don't you write your own using Route::getRoutes() to extract routes, then something like get_class_methods to extract methods then a js chart library like jsUML2 Editor / jsUML2 javascript/HTML5 library to produce the diagram ? And then, you could even share to the community with a github repository ! Or you can use the editor (from the link) to manually fill your project.


As this subject could be interesting, I continued to search...there are several existing projects indeed.... Check packagist and project like umlwriter

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