5 years ago

The new dd() in Laravel 5 is kind of shitty...

Posted 5 years ago by ATOM-Group

Back when it was a simple var_dump() that xdebug could parse for you, it would show you the fully expanded object graph (well, as deep as your xdebug configs were set - mine was set to 20 or so). This means I could verify the data I was getting back at a glance.

Now I have to click to expand every single collapsed item, and I can't seem to find any setting that forces it to always show up expanded. I have had to resort to using a browser script to force everything to be expanded for me.

Am I missing a setting somewhere, or is there a way to disable it and go back to the way it was?

Typical over-complicated less-than-user-friendly Symfony component >_<


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