Thanks and farewell

Posted 7 months ago by endian

I want to thank everyone for the help I received in the last year.

I was coming from KohanaPHP and thinking of using Laravel, so I tried the framework and had many questions that were promptly answered. Amazing community.

For reasons of simplicity and code reusability, I decided to jump ship and start using Node.js with koa2 (micro-framework) and Adonis (meso-framework) for my future projects. I was tired of re-writing code, and the Unix Philosophy employed by node.js cured that. I have more reusable code after a year than I have doing PHP for 20+ years. One language helps - the fact that it works in many contexts helps a lot (web, mobile via ReactJS, desktop via Electron). I feel I never mastered PHP even after 20+ years of using it. Now my plan is to focus on learning one language in absolute depth - Javascript. I'm a musician and part time coder, so I needed to specialize my focus while coding.

This community is awesome, and I hope you all do awesome projects in 2018!

Cheers, and thanks again.

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