5 months ago

Symlink to storeage folder in the public

Posted 5 months ago by Randy_Johnson

Hi, I need to create a symlink from storage to public storage. The problem is is that my directories have changed because its on shared hosting. So I am unable to run php artisan storage:link.

The server is running linux. My folder structure is like this

./   .htaccess  css/       favicon.ico   index.php  phpinfo.php  storage/
../  TTobacco/  error_log  fontawesome/  js/        robots.txt   web.config
[~/public_html/public/website]# dir
./              .styleci.yml   ecommerce-backup.sql  routes/
../             app/           error_log             server.php
.editorconfig   artisan        node_modules/         storage/
.env            bootstrap/     package-lock.json     tests/
.env.example    composer.json  package.json          vendor/
.gitattributes  composer.lock  phpunit.xml           webpack.mix.js
.gitignore      config/        readme.md
.htaccess       database/      resources/

So I need to create the symlink from the public/website/storage to the public/storage.

Please help, I tried what was written in the google search but it just wasn't doing what I needed. I cannot see any of my images.

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