2 months ago

Stripe webhooks. Actions to take in the frontend?

Posted 2 months ago by Gabotronix

Hi everybody, I want to implement a payment gateway with Stripe, it will also be SCA compliant (2019 european law).

Stripe docs it says sometimes users may leave the page before confirmCardPayment callback finishes, because of this I want to implement stripe webhooks, I'm wondering about how to deal with stripe webhooks completing a transaction in an async way (user may not even be with their phone), what action should I take in the frontend while confirmCardAction is running to show the transaction was completed (or is waiting to, and this may tae several minutes/hours), showing a spinner for an infinite ammount of time seems like a bad idea to me.

What I know for sure is I will be sending an email when webhook is reveived AND proccesed but my confusion comes in how to deal with it in the frontend and user checkout flow.

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