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some problem with Laravel/ui

Posted 1 week ago by Buzz

Somehow the authentication is not functioning. So to repair the situation I deleted the package.lock and the corresponding node_modules and ran the "composer require laravel/ui" command.

$ composer require laravel/ui
Using version ^2.0 for laravel/ui
./composer.json has been updated
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Nothing to install or update
Generating optimized autoload files
> Illuminate\Foundation\ComposerScripts::postAutoloadDump
> @php artisan package:discover --ansi
Discovered Package: facade/ignition
Discovered Package: fideloper/proxy
Discovered Package: fruitcake/laravel-cors
Discovered Package: laravel/tinker
Discovered Package: laravel/ui
Discovered Package: nesbot/carbon
Discovered Package: nunomaduro/collision
Package manifest generated successfully.

Next I ran:

$ php artisan ui vue --auth
Vue scaffolding installed successfully.
Please run "npm install && npm run dev" to compile your fresh scaffolding.
 The [auth/login.blade.php] view already exists. Do you want to replace it? (yes/no) [no]:

But, the last line here is causing a problem. It accepts neither yes nor no and I can't go any further.

Any solutions, please?

Thank you,


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