2 years ago

Some issues with Laracast and the popular course here on Laravel

Posted 2 years ago by stephy

Hi, So.. let's cut to the basics.

This Page feels very "beta". For once, I would not have a "Discussions" for Users Questions about a Course. Instead it would be better to have all Questions related to an Course within A Place.

I get a feeling people who created Laracasts knows how to make "fast.. but not thoughtful design". Looking into the "filter" of Discussions gives a sense of "dis-orientation". Popular of This Week? Is this a news site or a Forum discussion?

Anyhow, moving into what I'm currently on, the course, "Let's Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD: Test-Driving Threads"

First of all. This course should have an extra episode discussing afew elements. (1) What the Course Include . (2) What we will Build and also (3) What tools are pre-required. As of knowledge know the following is pre-required for this Course. If you're missing any of this you gonna feel very lost instantly.

For the Command Prompt or Terminal:

*Git installed into Command Prompt or Terminal . (

*Node JS installed . (

*Composer . ( - also added Laravel in Composer by writing in CMD - composer global require "laravel/installer"

For Development:

*PHPStorm . (

*SQLlite or something..


Now.. Even having all this installed there will be problems.

I, myself, is currently having problem with Episode 2, discussing Threads usage,

I manage to make the Hyperlink "" work to open the index page of Forums Website. However I'm not able to open "" . I dont know why and I love to get some answers. Especially Since I payed for this Courses. <- Forum Site on (working) <- Thread site on (not working.. errors)

I beg Developers of to look into how Udemy does things, and reflect on issues here.

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