Some issues with Laracast and the popular course here on Laravel

Published 10 months ago by stephy

Hi, So.. let's cut to the basics.

This Page feels very "beta". For once, I would not have a "Discussions" for Users Questions about a Course. Instead it would be better to have all Questions related to an Course within A Place.

I get a feeling people who created Laracasts knows how to make "fast.. but not thoughtful design". Looking into the "filter" of Discussions gives a sense of "dis-orientation". Popular of This Week? Is this a news site or a Forum discussion?

Anyhow, moving into what I'm currently on, the course, "Let's Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD: Test-Driving Threads"

First of all. This course should have an extra episode discussing afew elements. (1) What the Course Include . (2) What we will Build and also (3) What tools are pre-required. As of knowledge know the following is pre-required for this Course. If you're missing any of this you gonna feel very lost instantly.

For the Command Prompt or Terminal:

*Git installed into Command Prompt or Terminal . (

*Node JS installed . (

*Composer . ( - also added Laravel in Composer by writing in CMD - composer global require "laravel/installer"

For Development:

*PHPStorm . (

*SQLlite or something..


Now.. Even having all this installed there will be problems.

I, myself, is currently having problem with Episode 2, discussing Threads usage,

I manage to make the Hyperlink "" work to open the index page of Forums Website. However I'm not able to open "" . I dont know why and I love to get some answers. Especially Since I payed for this Courses. <- Forum Site on (working) <- Thread site on (not working.. errors)

I beg Developers of to look into how Udemy does things, and reflect on issues here.


JW has a very informal style of teaching.

If you want to learn about Laravel on Udemy or Pluralsight then fill ya boots. I'm sure JW would be happy to refund you if you're not satisfied with Laracasts.

Apparently, a lot of people are though.


Im not looking to be refunded.

I'm looking for a way to get through Episode 2. I got issues with If you say he is informal and all that then you should know what he done and maybe help with issues? I know that users in courses usually help eachother in other places.


It seems either you should do some courses before that one to get essentials tools installed. etc. Im wondering which ones?

Edit: Now I even tried to copy the whole github repo of Episode 2, and I still have the same error. So its not in the code. I wondering what could be the reason.

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Anyone that can come here touting Udemy is suspicious from the start. Udemy facilitates for-profit, stolen education. They are an example of how not to run a tech ed. site.

There are ~1000 videos on the site with endless discussion of each. You signed up, watched one episode of 50 episode series and then wrote a critique of the entire Laracasts business.

If you want to know the tools, there are many series' here about that. "How to Build a Forum" is an advanced series in which it is assumed you know the fundamentals of developing with modern PHP.


The error states the error. ClassLoader.php fail to open steam because of permission denied. It has nothing to do with the course. Something is not right with you laravel installation.


Well, at the moment, Im using Discussing to debate an error Im getting in Episode 2 on a particular course.

The error I got was, Getting errors on opening " "

Its not meant to be shaddy commenting or whatever. Something use to be called "constructive criticism". It when users who enter a page makes points about what they think of the place.

Im just a php developer who want to know how continue with episode 3.

Edit: Thanks @fraserk : I try to google the error . Im not sure why it happened I also give my thoughts that well, maybe, some introductions to this course would be nice. For people who hasn't everything set up as the instructor ?

As for example I was using phpmyadmin for the sql as I havn't or don't know how or what Windows application I should use instead of Sequal Pro ..

Also Im uncertain what "web" tool the instructor uses. Im using Xampp . And to make a link like "" work I've to change Apache v-host file and hosts file.


@stephy the course you are referring to is geared towards people who already have a grasp of Laravel.

I would recommend starting with one of the Laravel from scratch courses to start off.

There are also tutorials on laracasts that cover almost all of things you listed. I think you have an inaccurate idea of how this site works. It's more of a repository of information about a vast number of subjects that are all related, but are not in any real order. It's up to you to choose your path. You just happened to pick a more advanced course to get started.

As a side note, if you expect to pick up on things quickly, I think you will be disappointed. There is a bit of a learning curve with laravel in general, but in the end it pays off in my opinion.


So because nobody is agreeing with you it's not a discussion?

@fraserk told you what's wrong. You have a permission problem.


@fraserk or anything else :) I tried to just copy everything from episode 2's github and still got the same issue. Do you know what could cause this?

@jaydeluca. Well you might be right. But is this the cause of the problem? I copied everything from this episodes github and still got an error. Idk.. maybe if someone had this issue before and know a solution ?

The problem is: entering "" into a webpage gives me an permission error.


Also I would be grateful if someone could explain how the instructor is able to use "" in Hyperlink? Is he using xampp or similar?

He is using Laravel Valet but it is OSX only. Someone has created a windows version but i'm not sure how stable it is as I have not personally used it. But yes, it is similar to xamp in some ways

Were you able to run composer install without issue? Have you tried composer dump-autoload ?


Maybe if you want to be constructive...then you could start to show the source codes...routes, controllers, tdd and not only the error message because we cannot see what you did behind... And remember, if you don't find an issue into the discussion thread (DISQUS) inside the lesson...then maybe, it runs for people who has tried before you ....and maybe it's only your check again every character you typed ! There are tons of things I tried for sometimes several hours or days before I found my mistake ! It's not a course, it's an example, or a basis... don't hesitate to read other forums, documentation or to watch other youtube videos....I'm absolutely fully happy with Laracasts ! And I am working with Windows 10, and it runs with Xampp, Neard, Mamp etc...but sometimes you need to adapt a little, yes...without virtual host, you need to type /your_project/public/your_route for example...etc so have a breath and start to be patient and smart if you want some help !


Im using the same code as written on the github on this episode.

Just copied it and paste.

Can I ask you @knietzsche . to copy and paste the code in this github and see if you can reach "" ?

Im pretty sure the issue is, Im using Xampp which isn't configured as the instructor to work with special local webpages such as etc.

If someone could point me where in Laravel course the instructor explains how to setup public folder in Laravel into , that be great.


@stephy does that mean you didn't run composer install? The error you are getting is related to composer. If you didn't install all the dependencies, and create the classmap, the code will not work.


@steffy I'm not using virtual hosts with my local I'm adding /public I'm not using php artisan serve....that was just as an example of difference between Jeff's video and my configuration ! Jeff cannot make 100 videos, one for each PC windows version, linux version, OS version ...each pc is different ! And we don't know what and how you installed eveything

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It is assumed that most that start using a powerful framework such as laravel has some prior knowledge of php, html. css, etc. But sure enough some with zero knowledge gets laravel installed and expects to have Taylor's and Jeffrey's skill and knowledge in a week or two. (Some in 15 minutes)

Some helpful folks on the forum have been learning and programming for 20 plus years.

Also someone new to laravel could stop the video at a point, go install a required component, and simply pick up where they left off.

Rocket science not required, just relax and learn, but take your time learning so it will be quality time spent.

Remember, laravel is free, and many of Jeffrey's videos are free, I think he did a wonderful job on the free introductory series.

But nothing is stopping someone from going to and learning even more php, html, css, etc. That's all free also.

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