3 months ago

Social media activity integration into laravel application

Posted 3 months ago by spectatorx

I want to create a social network app but dedicated to specific community, for example let's say... i do not know... gardeners. As that would be not general social network but oriented towards specific group of people, they already are posting on various social media channels. General idea is: -social network with its own built-in laravel authentication+option of social media authentication and user being able to add later another social media accounts authentication to its account -option to import/share social media posts from users' linked accounts

I did a little bit of research on it so far and at the moment for basic authentication i will need to use socialite, about this is solid documentation and many other tutorials and examples. On the other hand i didn't see anything about adding to user panel option to integrate social media account when user is already created via laravel's authentication.

For second goal i found something called larasap for posting TO multiple social networks from laravel application but that's opposite to what i want to achieve. How can i allow users to post their posts other social networks? Basically how can they import/share their own posts from other services to this application?

I'm asking for tips, links to some guides, libraries, documentations, code samples and so on and i will be thankful for any help on this!

This is rough draft of general idea so if you need more details i'm eager to provide them. As this is new application i will start working on i will be making it with laravel 6 but i will be good with anything you can share.

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