1 year ago

Small problem with HTML links in e-mail with Target

Posted 1 year ago by daisyrowley

Hi everyone,

I have a stupid phenomenon with links I can not eliminate :(

Namely, I generate emails from my website page which in turn links to certain pages in my portal. I have tagged all these links with a target = "_ xpm".

If I click in my web mail client (in this case strato) these links open the wonderful pages however wonderfully it opens with each click a new tab.

In parallel, I generate the same links within the portal and when I click on those links there, the corresponding pages all open in the same tab!

So I do not even understand why the links on my portal behave differently than the links from the email where both links are identical

And my real question: Does anyone know this problem and has a solution for it?

Meanwhile many thanks for the reply's!

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