6 months ago

Simple thoughts about Laracasts and very simple issues

Posted 6 months ago by niitoo

Hello World, i decided to make my first Laracast discussion, just to join in. I'm recently introduced to Laravel, and still noob in web programming. Jeffrey is great teacher and i hope ill starting to be smarter by the day listening him, lesson to lesson. I wish you all well and looking forward to technical stuff in the future.

My simple issue is more philosophical question, not technical, not even programming.

Programming should be problem solving, right? This is my simple issue.

#Situation 1 I want to see more than one video in full screen, one after another. Cant do it, after i'm finished with watching one video, next again "explodes" in smaller screen. So in modern web development, why is so hard to have seamless "join" of two videos, maybe second or all other videos (for current viewing) - no more intro until next time, tomorrow or next week.

#Situation 2 Are you telling me there is no way to just "press play" on first podcast and just...... listen. No, you have to manually tell, ok, first podcast is done, just close it, open new window, press play podcast #2.... And remember your last listened podcast.

So isn't ironic this simple things to work is not possible on - learning site. I hope one day we will have some strong AI and just say, hey, let me hear 3 podcasts, from 5-8, remember the last one and send me message to continue that one (without opening new app ). Btw, i dont use Apple, dont know what is iTunes, or anything "i" first letter in naming. Just some of my ramblings, stay cool you all, see you in other - more important topics - regarding work. Nii

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