1 year ago

Showcase Site for Your Application, Laravel or Wordpress?

Posted 1 year ago by eleven0

Now that I am making some progress with my application, I have been looking into how I would run my web site (already looking into forge). I need a company front website which will describe my application's features, pricing etc... This has no connection to the application at all, other than providing a log-in link to the application.

My question, I figure wordpress site would be more beneficial as I can benefit from their plugins, themes etc. Also, I dont also have to spend time developing the showcase website. Is this common? Or should I just develop it on Laravel? How do you guys do it? Again, I dont need any connection between them. Can I get some opinions?

So my site configuration would be;

mysite.com --> wordpress installation (Solutions, Features, Pricing, About pages)

app.mysite.com--> laravel app directory

From a maintenance side, What are the advantages or disadvantages of this configuration?

Edit: Is it possible to deploy WP sites with Forge?

Thanks in advance.

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