2 years ago

Seeking Mentorship, Advice?

Posted 2 years ago by xdega

Dear Laracasts Community.

Today, I want to seek the professional guidance and mentorship of a community who shares a passion of mine. PHP Web development. In particular, Laravel.

Just a brief background. I graduated from college back in May 2016, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and a minor in Computer Science. I was a peer tutor for both Communication and Computer Science for three years. I also conducted scholarly research on Computer-Mediated Communication, focusing on the implications of Social Media prevalence.

Aside from my educational background, however, I have always maintained a strong, dedicated, self-taught, skill-set in Web Development. I have been fascinated with how the industry has evolved, with Laravel being a fun-to-use platform on the cutting-edge of said technologies.

I have worked hard over the past couple of months, building some personal applications, putting together a portfolio of sorts. I have received a lot of advice, from a handful of concerned friends, helping to perfect my resume. Here is my current online portfolio — which I just redesigned yesterday — complete with a PDF resume download link: http://www.liamhockley.me

Here I am, however, unemployed, penniless, panicking, impending debts, a plethora of career applications submitted, and very little hope for the future. I know it will just take that one person to take a chance on me, but I want to know if there is anything I can do to expedite the process?

Can any seasoned professionals in the industry lend some advice for someone such as myself, seeking that “foot in the door” so to speak? How did you get your start in the industry? Etc.

PS: I have tried to do some freelance contract work via the Upwork platform (formerly Elance). But I often find it very underpaid, the clients have unreasonable demands, etc. This could be more so a consequence of my inexperience in managing clients.

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