Seeding a table with boolean value, 1 or 'true'

Published 6 months ago by Gabotronix

Given an user model/table with a boolean value of is_Super_Admin, how should I assign the value? should I use 1 or true? do I have to use commas like this ('true') if so?

public function run()
            'name' => 'Gabotronix',
            'email' => '[email protected]',
            'password' => bcrypt('perolaperra2203'),
            'is_Super_Admin' => true,
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In my opinion, it should be a boolean true (no quotation marks), because it says what it means. If you use 1 then it could be misinterpreted, or at the very least take a moment to understand.


That depends (for me at least).

If you insert directly to the table i would use 1, as that's the value that get's stored anyway.

If you use models instead, i would use true, cause that's the value that is stored in the model.

That's a matter of taste.


If using 'true' (with quotation marks) it will considered string. While using boolean data type you can use: true, false, 1, 0, '1' or '0'.


'true' would be also true, but please don't do this, cause 'false' !== false. confusing? yes :D

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This is why I always lean towards true and false as boolean values, their intent in unambiguous.


If your database is MySQL you're better off making the column a tinyint column in the migration as that is what MySQL uses for a "boolean" column anyways, and setting the value with either 1 (true), or 0 (false) as that is what MySQL is going to return to you when you try to retrieve data from a "boolean" column anyways.

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I use tinyint and store a 0 or 1 but let null be okay if not used. But I normally use for a checkbox.


For a Is_super_admin column the default value should be false in all case, not null. It will spare you some bad surprise.

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