Repository pattern and relationships

Posted 7 months ago by xxRockOnxx

Searched the internet for this but even straight googling of this topic does not give anything related.

I would like the answers to be general programming answer rather than language or framework specific.

So in a repository pattern, how do you do relationships? Eager by default? Query if needed (kind of lazy load)? Have extra methods in repo?

Say StudentRepo which I think is the best example... would you

  • findStudentWithGuardian?
  • findStudentById and findGuardianByStudentId (on GuardianRepo)

First one seems dirty to me. What if you needed a nested relationship?

Eager load by default seems dangerous on some cases kind of 50/50 to be used a solid solution.

Those are the only solution solutions can think of. There might be some answers out there. How do you solve this?

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