1 month ago

Render mail template to a variable

Posted 1 month ago by phpmaven

I'm using the following to send an email:

        Mail::send('emails.customerOrder', $customerDetails, function ($message) use ($customerDetails) {
                    ->from('[email protected]', 'Test Company')
                    ->subject('Your Test Company Order');

$customerDetails is an array and in the template I'm able to refer to the elements of the array as separate variables. For example I have $customerDetails['shipping_method'] and in the email template I can just refer to $shipping_method. I want to save the output of the template to a variable so that I can save a copy of the email to a database.

I tried to do this:

        $view = View::make('emails.customerOrder')->with('customerDetails', $customerDetails);

        $contents = $view->render();

And it fails because the template now expects that the variables will be referenced like a normal array value. It expects $customerDetails['shipping_method'] and doesn't recognize $shipping_method.

What's the best way to get a copy of the rendered email?



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