6 months ago

Remove header from laravel markdown template

Posted 6 months ago by Gabotronix

Hi everybody, I'm trying to remove the header part from laravel's markdown template but it's not working, I published the files into my vendor folder and all.

This is my message component:

    {{-- Body --}}
    {{ $slot }}

    {{-- Subcopy --}}
                {{ $subcopy }}

    {{-- Footer --}}
            © {{ date('Y') }} {{ env('APP_NAME') }}.

And my layout file:

{!! strip_tags($slot) !!}

{!! strip_tags($subcopy) !!}

{!! strip_tags($footer) !!}

Any help?

Also, is it possible to make my own markdown template without using default layout? I tried adding laravel markdown components directly into my mail blade.php files but everything lookied like trash and uncentered.

Thanks in advance.

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