6 days ago

Remove Bootstrap Auth and Replace with Tailwind

Posted 6 days ago by nathangervenak


I'm a bit new to developing in general and very new to laravel. When I originally started this project I used all out of the box Laravel presets including bootstrap. I'm now at a point where I've installed the auth scaffolding and all of my auth views are built with Bootstrap. I have my user migrations built with some fake users existing in my database. I also have Tailwind included and have done quite a bit of editing in my app view, but some bootstrap remains. However, I'd like to just use tailwind for the remainder of my project.

Before I remove Bootstrap I want to get an idea of what I'm going to have to do to rebuild my project.

I think that my steps to remove bootstrap are pretty simple:

  1. package.json and delete the bootstrap devDependencies
  2. remove @import bootstrap from app.scss
  3. npm install & npm run dev

I think that'll do it for bootstrap.

Then I just think I need to install tailwind again with the auth scaffolding with php artisan ui tailwindcss --authand this should replace my styling in my views.auth

I think that'll do it. What do you think, is this a fairly simple process or is there going to be more to it that I am missing?

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