4 years ago

Redirect::route(...) adds :80 to URL causes error.

Posted 4 years ago by scottycam

I am using cloud9 and laravel 4.2.

I have the basics of laravel going well. I have multiple routes and views set up all working great.

My issue is when I use something like ** return Redirect::route('homepage'); ** within a route itself, for my case a route that deletes a row from a table and returns to the homepage. the redirect works except it adds :80 to my URL (like so " and causes the following error.

Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long

If I manually remove :80 from the URL the correct page loads.

So the redirect::route is redirecting to the correct URL with the addition of :80 which causes the problem.

I have tried using different redirect methods but seem to always add the :80 and I am unsure why.

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