2 months ago

Quit Laravel

Posted 2 months ago by Ic23

Hello. Back in the days when I started php I thought " I will learn laravel so I will become a better developer". Laravel is cool, I want to be cool, too. Right?

Wrong. Today even if I tried I never used laravel with any client, in any project. I just used it for a couple of demo projects. I don't know why but everytime it was not the right choice. I was not ready. I've tried to build some applications for my boss,I wanted to show my skills, but he never used it and it was not very good either. At this time I think I wasted my time learning a complex framework and following all Jeffrey Way tutorials. I will never build decent web applications.

Even if I have some years of experience, I will never progress enough to make something meaningful. I still build simple 5 pages websites for local businesses. So at this time I was thinking to quit with laracasts and laravel in general. Why I spent all that evenings reading documentations? What I was thinking?

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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