8 months ago

Query regarding fetching data

Posted 8 months ago by Deekshith

Hi, I have three tables namely, users,user_membership,user_payment_details, Users have more than 1 user_membership and user_payment_details data. so that relation would be hasmany.

right now I am fetching all users data using below query,

$users = User::select('users.*','chapters.chapter_name as chapter_name',' as fee_name',' as membership_name')->leftJoin('chapters','users.chapter_id','') ->leftJoin('membership', 'users.membership_id', '') ->leftJoin('membership_payment_structure', 'users.mebership_fee_id','') ->with(['lastmembership'=>function($query){ $query->select('started_at', 'ended_at','users_id','id'); }])->with(['lastpayment'=>function($query){ $query->where('status','!=','Expired')->select('amount', 'status','user_id','currency','check_no','transaction_id'); }])->orderBy('users.created_at','DESC')->get();

public function lastmembership() { return $this->hasOne('App\UserMembership','users_id','id')->orderBy('id', 'desc'); }

public function lastpayment(){ return $this->hasOne('App\UserPayment')->orderBy('id', 'desc'); }

Above query displays all users. But now I am trying to implement filters for above query and now i want to apply the condition for a user_payment_details table. user_payment_details has status columns where I want to apply where condition.

So i want to display users which match user_payment_details status column. But if i put where condition in "lastpayment" it is displaying all users. Any suggestions?

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