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Published 11 months ago by arantoun

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a laravel project, which is working perfectly.

We have also developed a mobile application for iOS and Android which successfully uses the Laravel platform by consuming certain APIs.

Now we have the requirement for sending push notifications to the mobile devices. (approximate number is 1000 devices).

After doing some research I have found some packages on githup that push notifications however, I found them immature and with poor documentation.

I would appreciate some advice on how to successfully send push notifications from our laravel backend to the mobile devices (application).

Do I need to buy push notification service or can this be achieved through the laravel backend?

Thanking you sincerely in advance.




It's free, and they have plugins and packages for pretty much everything.


Hi Dan,

thank you for your quick reply. I am having a look into it. Looks promising.


Any more suggestions ?


Yeah sure, There are tonnes! But most are paid.

Google firebase: firebase.com

Pushwoosh: pushwoosh.com


Thanks Dan

I meant, any other best practices maybe from other Laravel developers.

Regards Ara


Sorry dude!

Fwiw i think one good practice is sending notifications through the notification system in Laravel:


11 months ago (135,830 XP)

Do I need to buy push notification service or can this be achieved through the laravel backend?

Push notifications involve a backend which can deliver the notifications and a frontend which is configured to receive one. If you have taken care of later, former is a just a matter of making an http request. No special package required ...


Hi d3xt3r,

Thank you for your valuable input.

I appreciate if you could elaborate more on how Laravel can push the the notifications and how the client should be configured to receive them.

I checked the link suggested above by dan (Laravel Delivery channels which does not include delivery to mobile devices).

I am interested mainly to deliver to iOS devices.

Thank you in advance Ara


I was looking into this, how are you linking the token to the user?

Thanks :)


Hey @eqxDev - i sent a POST request from the mobile device to the server with the token, then saved it in a table that also stored the user_id - that way, if the user had multiple devices, it would send notifications to each one.

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