1 week ago

Pusher/Echo Real-time Messaging

Posted 1 week ago by teos_97

Hello, this might sound strange, but I am extremely confused as to which of the thousands approach I should take to integrate a simple real-time messaging between users. Assuming you have two registered users, when one of them goes to the other users' profile, I want them him to be able to send a private message to that user.

The part I am complicating myself its that I want to experiment with real-time messaging to do this. So far I think I want to follow the pusher approach. I have followed their tutorial -> https://pusher.com/tutorials/chat-laravel and this works beautifully, but what would be the next step, to take this as a base, but to use it as described above, only between two authenticated users ? Any other suggestions on how you'd go creating something like this are welcome.

Thanks in advance

P.S - > Advice ways to group the conversation to allow for past messages between users to be viewed .

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