10 months ago

Proper Queue Usage?

Posted 10 months ago by nate.a.johnson

Hi all -

I am pretty new to queues and jobs but need to start taking advantage of them given they are pretty great out of the box in Laravel. I run my apps with Forge and Envoyer and have Laravel Horizon set up and running great. The jobs appear to be working just fine.

My question: I need to send large numbers of slack messages to forum members quite regularly. Is it better to:

A) dispatch a job for every message or

B) use one job that will iterate over a bunch of accounts, firing off a bunch of slack messages in that single job.

As I am typing this (A) seems like the better approach as (B) could probably time out. It would mean my queues could have 1000s of jobs in them, but hey are all really tiny.

Anyone have advice for me?

Thanks, Nate

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