8 months ago

Programatically check if Mailgun mail was sent correctly with PHP SDK

Posted 8 months ago by Gabotronix

Hi everybody, I 'm tinkering with Mailgun's PHP SDK in my laravel app, the emails are sent correctly after checking Mailgun's dashboard but I'm wondering if there's a way to get a confirmation programatically, currently I'm getting back an empty variable from my sendMail trait:

namespace App\Traits;

trait SendMail

    public function sendMail($view, $mailData, $subject, $to)
        $html = view($view, compact('mailData'))->render();

        $result = app(Mailgun::class)->messages()->send(config('mail.mailgun.domain'), [
            'from' => config('').' <'.config('mail.from.address').'>',
            'to' => $to,
            'subject' => $subject,
            'html' => $html,
        return $result;


Here, result returns an empty array, always... how can I know if mail was sent with my code without checking Mailgun's dashboard or my mail inbox. Thanks in advance.

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