7 months ago

Price calculated from some pattern

Posted 7 months ago by bor1904

Hello, I have try to figure out problem with calculating prices in some web system.

This is system for door price calculations. Doors in system have some parameters like, material, size, border width, type of handle etc. Some of this parameters are demends on price directly (if handle type A then price + 100 $) but in some parameters price depends on many other parameters/values (if material is wood and width is greater than 20 price = value*10$ but if material is plastic and height is < 200cm then price is value-10 *12$).

Customer want to create some new parameters and create price calculation patterns like above (now he create this in excel).

Which way is the best for implement this? I thought about some smart patterns stored in database (quasi language like in excel) or maybe parameter will be connected to dedicated "helper" calculated price like function (but how can I write helpers from WWW panel)?

Or maybe this is very bad idea to give customer the option to enter complex functions for calculating price ?

thank you for any sugestions K.

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