Policy Methods Automatically calling

Published 1 year ago by s4uron

It would be great if the policy methods get called automatically if they match the method name in the controller.

For example if I have the function

public function create() {

in my controller i want the matching policy method

public function create(User $user) {

automatically to be called without writing


in every single method in my controller.

Where can I post this suggestion?

Regards s4uron




@s4uron You can already do this. If you look in the base controller class, you will see it imports a trait called AuthorizesRequests. This trait includes a method called authorizeResource() which will authorise all methods in a resource controller.


class ArticleController extends Controller
    public function __construct()

    // Resource methods like index(), create(), store() etc.

The controller methods are mapped to policy methods like so:

  • show to view
  • create to create
  • store to create
  • edit to update
  • update to update
  • destroy to delete

So calling [email protected]() would invoke [email protected]() and so on.


@martinbean Thanks a lot I will give it a try.

whats about index?

@thepassenger That would be an extra afford because I'm using



@s4uron You could use the middleware in the controller constructor

public function __construct()

and limit to specific controller's action.



@s4uron How would you authorize the index() action? It’s a listing of many resources, not just one.

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