5 years ago

PHPStorm Colors

Posted 5 years ago by tjames

So I've been really trying to make the switch from Sublime to PHPStorm over the past couple of months and now that v8 has been officially released, I'm going to have to either buy a license or stay with Sublime. One of the biggest issues I have with PHPStorm has nothing to do with it's feature set (it's great and has tons of time saving tools), it's that on my machine(s) it does not render colors at their actual value, instead it renders them much lighter than the declared value.

This makes it extremely hard for me to use properly because I have spent over a year adjusting my color scheme to one that does not give me any issues (a head injury has left my eyes extra sensitive to certain hues and prolonged exposure causes migraines), and since colors aren't rendering properly in PHPStorm, I'm limited to how much I can actually use it effectively.

As an example, I have the background color set to #292929, and what is actually being rendered is #363636 (using a color sampling app). All colors seem to be lightened and muted/washed out.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is there some setting that I'm aware of that is modifying the color settings that are declared in preferences?

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