PHP Object Lifecycle

Published 1 month ago by tuxaanand

Hi All,

Is there a way to reuse Objects across requests i.e. across multiple RINIT & RSHUTDOWN?

Thanks, Aanand


It's sounds like you need the singleton pattern!



Hi Bobby,

Yes a singleton object to have an application context as shown below. But the constructor and the destruct function/methods get invoked for every request.

Is there a way to hold objects from getting garbage collected/destroyed between requests?


final class ApplicationContext
    private static $inst = null;
    public static function Instance()
        if ($inst === null) {
            $inst = new ApplicationContext();
        return $inst;

    private function __construct()
        echo "constructor <br/>";

    public function __destruct() {
        echo "destroyed <br/>";



Thanks, Aanand


@tuxaanand It would be good to know what problem it is you’re trying to solve. Trying to persist a PHP object across HTTP requests sounds… odd.

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