Overwhelmed but moving forward ...

Posted 2 years ago by bennie

Hi Everyone, Firstly, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it :-)

I stumbled upon laracasts a few weeks ago and looking at the content realised that this is an amazing quality training zone :-) I'm a former J2EE developer (mostly utilising Struts as a MVC framework way back then). I haven't coded in approx 8 years. I got into IT Project Management instead. However the need to develop my own project on the side has come about.

My goodness the world has changed!!! So many different frameworks, technologies, javascript frameworks, back end stuff, react, vue, php varieties, redis, bootstrap, REST, dev setup vagrant, node, npm stuff and a whole lot more!! Arrrgggghhhhhhh!!! :-D

I've got a clear vision of my project (requirements) of what I want to achieve. At the same time, I want to utilise what is considered best practice tools. So I've spent the past two weeks >>> researching and learning <<<

I realise now, just how much I don't know. Thank you though to @jeffrey_way for these amazing videos!!!! You've really helped me however, I am soooooo overwhelmed. :-(

I'm getting through the basics of Laravel which is awesome but then I see vue.js sitting over there waving at me. Obviously I'll continue the Laravel training vids but do I try and learn vue.js at the same time. Then I look at Bootstrap and think, how am I going to integrate that into vue.js .... So many questions.

The more I learn, the trickier it gets..... and my project isn't starting.However since I'm starting from scratch, the ability to get it right is well.... right now :-)

Thoughts guys on the best way forward here ???

thanks. Bennie.

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