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Posted 1 year ago by deansatch

For years when building websites with or without laravel I have been using smtp for sending mail. Generally I would add a mail settings page in the cms where the user can set their email, password, port etc...

This has worked fine so far apart from occasions when they change their email password and forget to reflect that within their site which can cause serious nightmares for the ones that rely on the emails for their business to function. Also more recently I’ve noticed gmail blocking them

What are people’s best solutions for sending email from sites, baring in mind that some sites may be one man bands on a tight budget and some might need their site to send 100s of emails a day, or even 100s per minute

I don’t mean queues...just the outgoing server setup and avoiding failed jobs due to password changes or email downtime (a fall back second address could be another subject)

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