5 years ago

Bye Virtualbox/Vagrant/Homestead, Hi Laragon

Posted 5 years ago by Kryptonit3

Just found this new app. Laragon ( )

I personally have nothing against the whole Virtualbox / Vagrant / Homestead setup, but this new program looks awesome. My main issue with the aforementioned setup is speed. For some reason it is really laggy, maybe it is a setting somewhere or something, not sure.

Anyone have any experience with this new app? So far I have installed it, it is now running and I have my project working with it and it is exponentially faster than the previous vagrant setup. Probably because the code is running locally and not being routed through Virtualbox.

Check it out and see what you think. ( P.S. I did NOT make this app, just happened across it via a LinkedIn thread - )

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