-> orWhereHas Failed Fetch Data From Multiple Tables

Posted 1 year ago by yudy

I'm using Laravel 5.2 and PostgreSql and deploy on Heroku

I have a search form to get data from multiple table >> books, writters, publisher and categories.

Here is the controller for the search form

public function search(Request $request)
        $keyword = $request->input('keyword');

        // multiple query from different tables
        $query = Book::where('judul','like','%'.$keyword.'%')
        ->orWhere('status', 'like', '%'.$keyword.'%')
        ->orWhereHas('writter', function ($query) use ($keyword) {
            $query->where('nama_penulis', 'like', '%'.$keyword.'%');
        ->orWhereHas('category', function ($query) use ($keyword) {
            $query->where('nama_kategori', 'like', '%'.$keyword.'%');
        ->orWhereHas('publisher', function ($query) use ($keyword) {
            $query->where('nama_penerbit', 'like', '%'.$keyword.'%');

        $book_list = $query->paginate(5);
        $pagination = $book_list->appends($request->except('page'));
        $total_book = $book_list->total();
        return view('dashboards.index', compact('book_list', 'keyword', 'pagination', 'total_book', 'nama_penulis'));

the code works like a charm on the local using Mysql.

the problem is after i deploy to the Heroku and using Postgress, the search form only get data from the books table.

I wonder why its ignoring ->orWhereHas. Is it any explanation, or should I get different approach if using postgres?

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